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Impact Health Equity

A health equity platform to improve patient outcomes and economics

Health systems can’t afford to wait for long-term social and behavioral change to move the needle on health equity. Waiting isn’t right for your patients and impacts your bottom line. You can act now to improve outcomes and reduce costs with a health equity reimbursement solution.

improved patient outcomes

Let us represent the magnitude of the health equity problem in the United States.

us population map
There are 332M people in the USA.
non-White US population map
143M people are in a diverse population.
US population with chronic conditions map
75M suffer from chronic conditions.
patient cost icon
The cost to our healthcare system is $266B or $296 per patient, per month.

The true cost of health inequity across common conditions

There is a significant difference in the cost of care for common chronic conditions across non-White populations. The graph below represents the incremental annual healthcare cost for non-White patients with these conditions.
non-white incremental healthcare costs graph

Limited CMS Data Set, 2019

Taking swift action with our health equity solution, Truity™, can help your organization:

lower healthcare costs icon

Realize lower healthcare costs

increase reimbursements icon

Increase reimbursements under new and emerging payment models

hospital brand equity icon

Elevate your brand equity while delivering optimal care that reduces clinical bias for diverse populations

patient engagement icon

Support your patient engagement goals

healthcare advocate icon

Encourage patients to be advocates for their own care

What are you waiting for?
Be a health equity change agent. Today.

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