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Health Equity Platform

Knowledge Base

Knowledge is power with a health equity workflow solution

When it comes to improving outcomes for diverse populations, knowing is half the battle.

Putting the right information into the hands of providers, care teams, and patients at the right time has the power to improve outcomes across your communities, chip away at the health equity gap, and start to rebuild trust with diverse patient populations.

We supplement your providers and care teams with unobtrusive reports, recommendations, and prompts so they can deliver better care for the diverse patients in their communities.

knowledge base to help create health equity for these patients

Take action. Today.

After combining patient-specific data and matching it to our proprietary knowledge base, your providers can access insights, educational literature, and recommendations at the point of care—all without disrupting current workflows.

How does the knowledge base work?

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Once a patient seeks care, Truity™, our health equity workflow solution, collects clinical and social data specific to the individual.
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Explainable AI (XAI) algorithms take the patient attributes and match these data sets with relevant and timely health equity insights and recommendations for providers and patients.
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A health equity insights report is generated and delivered to providers to assist throughout the visit.
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The insight report outlines matching criteria, offers recommendations and provides links to educational material and health system community resources.
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Providers can apply these insights and recommended actions at the point of care.

One consolidated health equity resource

We abide by a scientifically rigorous process to find, validate, and bring forward literature in the Truity™ platform’s knowledge base.
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Research Science

Our health equity team evaluates high-quality research literature against evidence-based criteria to find reputable content that we can turn into actionable insights.

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Knowledge Management

Our insights are reviewed by independent external editors and accredited by ACCME certified organizations.

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Quality Control
and Release

We are constantly updating and adding new content to our database. We monitor and make periodic updates to our algorithms based on validation processes.