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Health Equity Platform

Reports and Dashboards

Prove you’re closing the gap on health inequity with data analytics

Demonstrate the results of your initiatives with our readily available reports and dashboards.

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reports and dashboards for health equity software

Health systems

With Truity™, health systems can utilize in-depth dashboards to visualize how and where they are closing health equity gaps and their financial impact.

Leverage dashboards to:

  • Capture provider reviewed recommendation(s)
  • Demonstrate ROI on health equity activities
  • Provide the needed data for improved health equity reimbursements
  • Build health system brand equity and trust in the community
Impact health equity
Provider Health Equity Insights Dashboard


After Truity™ matches patient-specific clinical and social data with information from our proprietary clinical knowledge base, providers receive patient-specific clinical insight reports and recommendations.

Our clinical insight reports provide educational literature, intelligence, and recommended actions to drive clinical, behavioral, and social interventions at the point of care.

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