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Health Equity Platform

Truity™ Solution

A scalable, enterprise, point of care SaaS and services health equity solution

Truity™ is the industry’s first comprehensive health equity platform. It is built to drive transformational clinical, social, and behavioral interventions for diverse populations at the point of care, to improve outcomes and build trust.

With Truity™, healthcare organizations can take action to advance health equity and improve outcomes for all stakeholders in your communities.

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Truity Health Equity Platform Customers

How does Truity™ work?

Through explainable AI and machine learning, Truity™ takes patient-specific data and matches it to our proprietary knowledge base, resulting in better care plans for your community and improved brand equity.

How Truity works diagram

Clinical and Social Patient Data

Truity™ uses patient-specific health data pulled from EMRs and other credible data sources to inform the insights shared with clinicians.

Knowledge Base

Learn more about the proprietary clinical knowledge base of peer-reviewed literature to support providers and patients.

Reports & Dashboards

Engender trust with patients, demonstrate results, and see how your organization is closing health equity care gaps.

Point of Care Interventions

Empower providers and engage patients with multi-level interventions to improve diverse community outcomes.

EHR Integration

Seamlessly integrate Truity™ into your health system’s EHR workflows.

Health Equity Coaches

Use evidence-based coaching in your health equity initiative to break the chain of systemic inequity, increase community trust, and improve outcomes for diverse patient populations.