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Point of Care Interventions

Clinical Interventions

Software to reduce clinical bias in healthcare

Exposing and reducing clinical bias in healthcare is no easy feat. However, bridging the health equity gap is possible with the right solution.

With Truity™, providers and care teams receive clinical recommendations and insights at the point of care to improve patient outcomes and combat health inequity.

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Offering providers and patients peace of mind

We work to expose clinical bias that impacts the point of care. As an example, over 30 clinical formulas have bias programmed into their results. Providers and patients need to know these issues are identified and addressed in their treatment and care plans.


By compiling patient-specific clinical and social data and matching it to our proprietary knowledge base, providers receive:

  • A clinical insight report personalized to the patient
  • A detailed review of research on the specific health equity issue
  • Recommended actions to improve outcomes

Truity™ also provides patients with a personalized report written for all health literacy levels and rated by their peers that:

  • Rebuilds their trust with providers
  • Increases engagement and adherence to their care plan
  • Improves their ability to advocate for their long-term care
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Discover how health systems use our software to reduce clinical bias in healthcare

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