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Point of Care Interventions

Behavioral Interventions

Use health equity software to address racial health inequities

It is difficult to drive action and change around health equity without the proper tools to support your health system, clinicians, and patients.

And we’ve solved it for you with Truity™.

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Drive action for providers

Our health equity software, Truity™, helps providers spot and combat racial health inequities to provide multi-level interventions at the point of care.

Providers benefit from built-in behavioral nudges, such as available insights before the start of a patient visit, recommendations when creating orders and prompting for potential CME credit for a detailed review of a specific health inequity to develop their expertise. Whether it is reminder that pain control dosages tend to be less for diverse populations or knowledge of the race correction associated with eGFR and kidney disease in the Black population1, Truity nudges are there to support providers at the point of care.

When combined with health equity interventions and insights reports, they can harness the power of a truly comprehensive solution to operationalize health equity gains.

health equity insight report
health equity coach

Example of Coaching session with a family member

Drive engagement for patients

Truity™ acts as a virtual patient advocate for health equity.

After meeting with a provider, patients receive nudges to:

  • Download a personalized insights report based on their clinical and social data
  • Read recommended literacy-level appropriate summaries related to their specific conditions
  • Schedule a health equity consultation with a culturally-competent counselor (and interpreter, if needed) to discuss the next steps in adhering to their care plan

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