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Point of Care Interventions

Make an impact with point of care health equity software

Health systems can’t afford to wait for long-term social and behavioral change to move the needle on health equity, especially because of its impact on patient outcomes and the cost of care.

Take swift action by integrating clinical insights for diverse populations into your clinician’s workflow.

point of care health equity software customers

A comprehensive solution for operationalizing health equity gains

Superior interventions at the point of care:

  • Clinical: provider insight reports and recommendations before, during, and after a patient visit.
  • Behavioral: patient-facing health report with notifications and alerts for greater advocacy and engagement.
  • Social: culturally-competent coaches who provide a detailed review of the patient report and guidance on how the patient can advocate for their care.
health equity cycle with TruLite Health

Truity™ helps you bridge health equity care gaps

Truity™, our point of care health equity software, presents providers and care teams with actionable clinical insights that immediately impact patients’ lives and combat health inequity.

We share a similar goal; we want your patients to become advocates for their own health and be engaged in their care plans. Strengthen your health systems brand by better understanding and serving your diverse populations.

Here’s a typical experience:

request a visit icon
Patient seeks care.
activates icon
Truity™ activates, matching clinical and social data to the proprietary knowledge base.
chart icon
The provider reviews the chart and the clinical insight report.
appointment icon
The appointment begins.
review icon
As the visit moves toward completion, the patient and provider review the desired care plan.
web prompt icon
The provider enters orders and will be prompted with any updated health equity insights or recommendations specific to the care plan based on the visit.
personalized report review icon
After the visit is completed, the patient is notified to review their personalized report.
prompts and reminders icon
The patient receives nudges to view recommendations, report and schedule a health equity coaching session.
health coach icon
The session is led by a health equity coach who fully explains the report, highlights community resources and encourages the patient to actively engage in their care.