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Guest blog by TruLite Health intern, Sanya Somani.

Women have historically faced, and continue to face, various inequities in healthcare, ranging from gender bias in treatment to underrepresentation in clinical trials and limited access to reproductive healthcare services.

This month, we honor and celebrate the extraordinary women who have broken barriers to shape healthcare in the U.S., each leaving an indelible mark on the field with their inspiring journeys:

  • Margaret Sanger: An American birth control activist, Sanger played an integral role in the introduction of birth control in the 1960s. She advocated for women’s reproductive rights and bodily autonomy. Her efforts challenged the restrictions and societal taboos of her time, laying the groundwork for modern reproductive healthcare.
  • Elizabeth Blackwell: As the first woman to earn a medical degree, Blackwell faced and overcame years of discrimination and barriers in a male-dominated field. Her unwavering dedication and success opened doors for women in the medical profession and challenged the prevailing norms of her time, laying a foundation for future women in medicine.
  • Mary Edwards Walker: Known for being the only woman to receive the Presidential Medal of Honor and as the first female U.S. Army surgeon, Walker was a trailblazer in medicine. Her remarkable career and bold choices, often defying conventional societal expectations, set a precedent for women in medical and military roles traditionally held by man.

These examples serve as a reminder of the power of determination, courage and advocacy in shaping a better future for all. As we celebrate Women’s History Month, let us remember the trailblazing women of our past who shattered stereotypes and continue to inspire women in medicine and beyond.

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