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Solving health equity issues is a complex and challenging problem. It is important to recognize our ability to impact change for the clinician and the patient at the point of care. Find out why by reviewing the infographic below.
Provider and patient issues related to the complexity of health equity issues.

Infographic detail: Health equity is a complex problem that requires clinically integrated enterprise level solutions. Physicians are busy and have a hard time keeping up with literature. 44% read 1 to 2 hours per week, 63% only read the abstract and there are over 7,000 new articles published each month. Patient trust is at an all-time low with diverse populations trust level 20 to 50% lower than non-diverse populations. This is validated by the fact that less than 50% of patients take the medications that are prescribed, show up for follow-up appointments, will participate in clinical trials. Increased engagement is required for both patients and providers. This requires multi-level interventions via clinical, social and behavioral solutions delivered with a health equity platform.

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