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First Comprehensive Health Equity Platform Launches

By October 11, 2022January 9th, 2024No Comments

TEMPE, Ariz., (October 11, 2022) — Today, TruLite Health announced the launch of Truity™, the industry’s first comprehensive health equity platform. Truity is a clinically integrated, enterprise SaaS platform that facilitates clinical, social, and behavioral interventions at the point of care to improve healthcare outcomes for diverse populations.

TruLite Health’s Truity platform integrates health equity at the health system level, addressing systemic bias and knowledge gaps that result in inferior outcomes for diverse populations. Taking a transdisciplinary approach, Truity™ promotes provider and patient education, engagement, and empowerment so that all stakeholders experience an equitable environment to achieve optimal healthcare.

Integrated into the healthcare organization’s electronic health record (EHR) system and customized workflows, the platform combines patient-specific clinical and social data with Truity’s explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) and proprietary health equity knowledge base to highlight potential health inequities. This unique process yields personalized recommendations, including detailed health equity insights, encounter decision support recommendations, and culturally competent coaching resources to improve patient outcomes.

“While there’s been significant pressure on the industry to do something about health equity for decades, there has been mostly discussion and limited action. Our analytical work shows diverse populations with chronic diseases have worse outcomes across the board and incur over $5,000 in additional annual cost over white populations. The scale of the problem is considerable with Deloitte recently revealing a $320B annual cost to the US health system in its “US health care can’t afford inequities” article (June, 2022). Given this environment, TruLite Health knows that health equity can’t wait. We are proud to bring the first comprehensive and seamless workflow solution to the market that swiftly moves the needle on health equity,” says Alan Roga, MD, CEO and Founder.

After researching health equity for years, TruLite Health recognized the complexity of health equity as a systemic issue, requiring a system level platform. While admirable work has been done around addressing Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), to date these solutions have yet to demonstrate significant changes in overall patient outcomes and misses the opportunity to engage clinically at the point of care. The launch of Truity™ brings together — for the first time — a platform driven by clinical, social, and behavioral solutions at the point of care to solve the challenge of health equity.

About TruLite Health
TruLite Health offers the industry’s first comprehensive health equity platform.

Committed to breaking the chain of systemic inequity in healthcare and rebuilding patient trust, Truity™, our enterprise point of care SaaS platform, brings together a proprietary clinical knowledge base of researched health equity insights and patient-specific clinical and social data sets, enabling care teams to offer actionable clinical, social, and behavioral interventions for diverse populations.

We help health systems, payers, and large employers take swift action to close the health equity care gap while actualizing transformational value for all stakeholders, including better outcomes and lower cost of care.