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The TruLite Health research team is building a curated health equity database designed to drive impact for providers and patients at the point of care. The output of this research will be clinical and social education and interventions by providers and patient coaches with our health system partners.

Maternal care has been a priority for our team, given the negative outlier status of the United States related to maternal mortality versus other advanced economic countries. The statistics tell a story that our country is failing regarding pregnancy outcomes for diverse populations and in our rural communities.

According to a City of New York report on July 20, 2018, the maternal mortality rate for a Black woman in New York City is eight times higher than for a White woman. Bloomberg recently reported that women in rural Texas have a higher mortality rate than in Syria.

These outcomes representing two very different environments demonstrate the complexity of the problem. We expect that this complexity demands sophisticated solutions that can address clinical, social, and behavioral elements that focus on all aspects of quality care and practice.

We plan to use this blog to expose these inequities that continue to impact our overall healthcare system. By creating awareness, we hope to drive other organizations to join TruLite Health in delivering solutions that demonstrate a real impact on patients.