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We’re excited to announce that TruLite Health and Becker’s Healthcare have completed the first annual survey of Health System executives to understand the state of the market for addressing Health Equity within their organizations.

The team formulated a survey to engage a broad representation of organizations to determine the level of commitment, deployed programs, and issues related to this important topic.

One key objective was to gain a baseline for the status of health equity programs and use it to understand the evolution of the market. Our teams are committed to supporting these annual assessments and using the information to educate all leaders on opportunities and challenges for their organizations as they address the moral and economic impact of this strategic imperative.

“It is clear from the survey data that health systems are committed to health equity programs and are looking for ways to demonstrate impact in quality, patient satisfaction, and building trust in their communities,” said Alan Roga, TruLite Health CEO.

Publication of the report will occur with an E-Book available on the TruLite Health website soon and an in-person overview at upcoming Becker’s Healthcare events.